What do the lights mean?

What do the lights mean on the hub?

  • Blue—it is in pairing mode with your timer.
  • Yellow—it is looking for your Wi-Fi router.
  • Blinking Green—it is looking for the server.
  • Solid Green—it is connected to your timer.
  • Solid White for 8 seconds—it is booting up.
  • Blinking Red—it is paired with your timer, but can’t find the Wi-Fi router.
  • Rapid Blinking Red—then you can reset it by pressing the grey button 5 times.

What do the lights mean on the timer?

  • Blue—if it’s your first time pairing it will blink blue every 2 seconds for 10 minutes. If you have trouble pairing, you can press the grey button 5 times to restart the pairing process.
  • Blinking Blue/Yellow—previously setup and paired successfully, but lost connection and is now searching for the previous connection.
  • Blinking Blue/Green—your timer has paired to Bluetooth.
  • Blinking Green—it is currently watering.
  • Blinking Yellow—it has set a rain delay.
  • Blinking White—your timer is installing firmware updates.
  • Blinking Red—you need to replace your batteries.
  • Blinking White/Green—the identify command in the app has been activated to help you identify which timer you are modifying if you have multiple timers.