First time Setup - Hose Tap timer

  1. The timer will first ask you to set your address. This will auto-fill based off of your Hubs settings. These can be changed at any time. Your address is used to gather local weather information to be used in helping create Smart Water schedules.
    6 A Location
  2. You will then need to give the timer a name. This helps you identify your timers if you have more than one.
    A5 HT25 Device Naming
    Tap in the Text box to give your timer a name. Tap on the camera icon to take a picture of your property.
  3. The app will then give you an option to complete setup now, or do it later.
    A6 HT25 Programming Select
    Tap “Continue” to setup and test your timer.
    Tap “Later” to bypass setup and go directly to the apps home screen, setup and programming can be accomplished from there as well.
  4. You will then be prompted with the option of setting up a Smart program, or setting up a more traditional custom program.
    A7 HT25 Programming Select 2

Click Here for Smart Programming

Click Here for Traditional.