Custom Watering Programs

Custom watering allows you to choose the Zones, Durations and Run-times you want to water your yard with.

Only Custom Programs in Program Slots can run. You may create as many Custom Programs as you want and move them in and out of Program Slots as desired. If you no longer want to run a Custom Program simply turn it Off, if you don’t need the Custom Program anymore you can Edit then Delete the program.

To setup Custom Watering

  1. Custom Programs can be found from the Home screen, or any other with the bottom Navigation bar.

    To get to the Custom Programs screen press the Programs navigation button
  2. You’ll now see the Programs screen with three empty Program slots (A, B, & C) or any┬ásaved Custom Programs if previously set.

  3. Press “A Tap to set” to create a Custom Program in the Program A slot.
  4. You will now see the Custom Program screen.
  5. First you will name the program.

    Enter the desired name and the press “Done”.
  6. Now you will set a start time, press the “Add another Start Time” button and select the start time.
    Hint: The hours and minutes can be selected then set by selecting a time on the clock.

    Press “OK” to continue and return to the Custom Program screen.
    Additional Start Times can be set following the same steps if desired.
  7. Now you will add the watering Zone(s) you want to be a part of this Custom Program. Press the + button under Zones to select which one(s) to water.

    Select the Zone, a duration popup will appear.
  8. Set the run duration for the Zone.

    Set the duration then press the green + button.
    The Zone now shows in the list with the run duration you just set.

    Repeat this process to add as many Zones as you want.
    Press the back arrow button in the upper left corner to return to the Custom Program screen.
    Now you will see the list of selected Zones and their run durations listed in the Custom program.
  9. Selecting the days of the week to run the Custom Program is next.

    Toggle the Weekdays switch to On and then select the days of the week that you want to water on.The timer will also run on Even or Odd calendar days only.

    Toggle the Even switch to On to run on even calendar days.
    Toggle the Odd switch to On to run on odd calendar days.Watering intervals can also be used.

    Toggle the Interval switch to On then set the desired interval using the (- & +) buttons.Press the “Save” button in the upper portion of the Custom Program Screen to save an continue.
  10. Now you have a Custom Program in the Program A slot set to run.

That’s it! You have configured a Custom Program and assigned it to a Program Slot to be run at the scheduled day & time.