First Time Smart Setup - Hose Tap Timer

You’re here because during the initial timer and zone setup you chose to use Smart Watering
Smart Watering is based on multiple factors including your soil type, vegetation, slope, sun exposure and so on. The more detailed you are in providing this information the more accurate your Smart Watering programs will be.

To setup Smart Watering:

  1. After your timer has been setup, select Smart Watering
  2. The valve will need to run a test to calibrate the built in flow sensor. At this point, you want to make sure that your timer is connected to the faucet and the water is turned on.
    A8 HT25 Flow Test A9 HT25 Flow Test 2
  3. You will then be asked what type of sprinkler you have in your system.
    A16 HT25 Smart Sprinkler Type
  4. You will now need to select the coverage of the sprinkler.
    A17 HT25 Smart Sprinkler Details
  5. The next page asks you to turn the smart watering on for the “zones”. Since this is a single Hose Faucet Timer, there is only one “zone”. Tap the toggle to advance in the smart programming.
    A18 HT25 Smart Page
  6. Answer all of the Smart Watering questions you are able to answer. Technically you can leave them all unanswered and it will still get watered, but the more detail you provide, the more accurate the watering programs will be at watering your yard.Enter as much information as you can, then press the back arrow in the upper left of the the window to return to the “Zones” screen.
    A19 HT25 Smart Attributes 1
    A25 HT25 Smart Attributes 2
  7. Watering restrictions (if you have any) can be set now or later. To enter them now press the toggle switch in the upper right corner to show the options.
    *Note: watering restrictions only apply to Smart Watering programs, Custom Watering programs will water when they are scheduled, regardless of watering restrictions.Days in Green will water only during non-restricted hours, days in Red will not water at all.
    A26 HT25 Smart Water Restrictions 1
    A27 HT25 Smart Water Restrictions 2
    Once the watering restrictions are set, press the green next button.
  8. Setup is complete when you see the home screen and Smart Watering is displayed.*Note: it may take a few minutes for a smart program to show up.
    A29 HT25 Smart Home Page

Congratulations! You are now set to water based on your yard’s watering needs and when properly set, you will be helping to save water.