Pairing Hub to Internet with iOS Device

*When Pairing, you will first pair your hub, and then you will pair your timer. It may look like you are going through pairing again, this is intended*

  1. If you don’t have a B-hyve account already, then download the free iOS app and create an account. If you are already a B-hyve user name then login to your existing B-hyve account.
    iOS Home Screen
  2. Plug your Wi-Fi hub into an indoor outlet. Make sure you choose an indoor location for your hub near the outside location of your timer and within range of Wi-Fi. Avoid areas where the signal must travel through more than one wall, dirt, or thick steel barriers.
  3. Make sure your device is in pairing mode (the light will be blinking blue). To put it in pairing mode, press the Bhyve Button 5 times.
  4. Set Up the Device New B-hyve User? After you create your account you should see this screen.
    Add Device
    Already a B-hyve User? After you Login to your account:
    Go to Settings
    Click Devices
    Click Add Device
    Add Device (2)
  5. Select your Device, either Hub or Hose Faucet Timer and Hub
    Choose your Device
  6. Make sure your device is powered on to pair it.
    Device Power
  7. You should see a screen similar to this confirming your device (your MAC ID will differ).
    Device Found
  8. After verifying it is your device, you will be prompted with information about “Device Groups”
    Device Group
    Select “I understand” at the bottom of the page.
  9. Now we connect to the internet. Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password
    Network Found
  10. Input the location of your Hub. Smart Watering uses your location (primarily your zip/postal code) to receive the local weather information.
    (Note: You can type Use Current Location, this will use your phone’s GPS to input an approximate address)
  11. Give your device a name and you can add a photo of it.
  12. Congratulations! Your hub is now connected and you can connect your B-Hyve Hose Faucet timer to your hub.