First-time Timer and Zone Configuration

Immediately following the Wi-Fi setup you will be prompted to do some basic setup of your timer. These steps help you get your timer up and  running.

  1. Your address is used to gather local weather information to be used in helping create Smart Water Schedules.

    Click “Use Current Location” to let the B-hyve app automatically set your location, or tap in the text box to enter your address then press the green next button.
  2. You can name your timer, this helps you identify your timers if you have more than one.

    Tap in the text box to give your timer a name. Tap on the camera icon to take a picture of your property.
  3. Depending on the timer you bought you could have up to 12 or more available Zones for watering, this steps allows you to tell the App which Zones (stations) have are wired for watering.

    Select “Continue” to setup and test active Zones (stations) that are wired for watering.
    Select “Later ” to bypass Zone setup and go directly to the Apps home screen, setup and programming can be accomplished from there too.
  4. The first screen shows you all the Zones that are supported on the timer, if you have a 12 Zone timer you can scroll to the right to see Zones 7 – 12.

    Select the Zones (stations) that have been (or will be) connected to the timer.
    Press the green next button to begin testing and naming each Zone.
  5. During setup you can test each Zone to make sure it is working as expected.
    Android Zone Test Before
    Press the Zone number or the orange Test button to begin a 1 minute test of the Zone.
    Android Zone Testing
    Or you can press the green next button to skip the test and go directly to the Zone naming screen.
    Once you are satisfied that the Zone is working as expected press the red Stop button, you will be taken to the next screen.
  6. You can give each Zone a unique name that will help you identify the Zone later while working in the App.

    Tap in the text box to name the Zone.
    Press the green next button to continue to the next Zone. Repeat these step for all the zones you selected in step four.
  7. Choose which method of watering you want to setup first, Custom (traditional) or Smart Watering.
    You may choose to do both, the one you choose here will be the first one active on this timer and can be changed later.

Click here for Smart Watering

Click here for Custom Watering