Manual Watering

Manual watering allows you to choose one or more Zones to run immediately.

Manual programs can be ran a few different ways. You can create a new manual watering for just this period in time, or you can run a previously created programs.

  1. Manual Watering is found from the Home screen.

    To get to manual watering, press the remote button at the bottom of the page.
    Manual Button
  2. Once on this page, you will see each of your zones you have programmed into your timer.
  3. Tap on the zones you’re wanting to water. If you would like a program to water, tap Programs in the top right corner.
    A duration popup will appear, enter the desired duration.
  4. Press the Play button to start that zone immediately. If you want to add it to a queue, press the green button.

    Repeat for any amount of zones you wish to water.
  5. Press the play button to begin watering.

    The timer will run each of the zones for their selected duration and will return to auto upon completion.