You may connect up to five B-hyve timers per account, this makes it easier to manage multiple timers.
Each timer operates independently and still has its own zones (stations) and program settings but you only need one account to manage them all.

Adding A New Timer

Go to the Devices screen by tapping on the Settings navigation button in the bottom right of the app screen then tap on Devices.

Tap an open timer slot to add a new timer then follow the same steps as before to pair your timer to your Wifi and associate it with your account.

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Merging Two Existing Timers Onto One Account

This currently requires assistance from tech support.

You will need to decide which account you want to keep, or which account you want to move one of your timers to.

You will also need to know the email address, timer name and timer Mac Address of the timer you want to move to the other account.

To contact tech support call:

Merging Two Existing Timers Onto One Account - DIY Version

SO, you have more than one timer on more than one account and you don’t want to call tech support to have them move one for you?

Here are the steps to do it yourself.

!Warning! – This will completely delete all of your current timer settings for the timer that you are moving!

  1. Logon to the account/timer you want to move
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Devices
  4. Select the timer you want to move
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  6. Tap on “Deauthorize Timer” !Warning – this will remove this timer and all of it’s settings and programs!
  7. Tap on the red “Deauthorize Timer” confirmation button
    Android – You will be taken back to the start pairing screen, press the system’s back button to return to the login screen
    iOS – You will be taken back to the login screen
  8. Put the timer you are moving into pairing mode
    1. Put the timer in Off mode, rotate the dial to Off then press the dial, make sure the screen says Off
    2. Open the swing panel then press the Reset button once, the timer should now be in pairing mode, it will say Pair on the screen
  9. Logon to the other account, the one you want to have both timers linked to
  10. Go to Settings
  11. Go to Devices
  12. Tap on an open slot to add the other timer to your account
  13. Follow the pairing and initial setup steps to connect and re-program your timer