Adding A New Timer

Go to the Devices screen by tapping on the Settings navigation button in the bottom right of the app screen then tap on Devices.

Tap an open timer slot to add a new timer then follow the same steps as before to pair your timer to your Wifi and associate it with your account.

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Merging Two Existing Timers Onto One Account

Get an access code to share-
  1. From the home screen of the B-hyve App, navigate to the Devices menu in the Settings tab.
    Click on the device that you want to share.
  2. Click Device Sharing to continue.
  3. In this screen you can generate an access code to share or type/paste another access code into the input. If you are sharing your timer with another user, click “Generate Access Code”. Once the access code has been generated it will be copied to your clipboard and you can share it.


If this is your only controller on the account:

  1. Once you have been given an access code to a timer, log in and select “I have a code”.
  2. Input the code and tap “Submit Code” and you are done and ready to go!

If this is not your first controller

  1. Navigate to the devices page
  2. Go to the bottom of the devices page and tap “Add Device” (you may need to scroll)Choose “I have a code”.
  3. In the Request Access screen, type your access code into the cells or long tap to paste your access code into the cells.

    Click “Submit Code” to add the device.



Congratulations! You have now shared your device.