How do I pair using bluetooth only?

Your Hose Tap timer can be used with bluetooth only. However, this will limit the timer. All smart functionality will be removed and you will need to be near the timer.

  1. Put your timer into pair mode. When first hooking up the batteries, the timer will already be in pairing mode.
    If its not, press the Bhyve button 5 times.
  2. Either create an account or log into your existing Bhyve account.
    A First Page
  3. You should see the “Lets Get Started” page
    1 A Lets Get Started
    Tap “This is a new device”
  4. You will now be at the “Choose Your Device” page
    2 A Choose your Device
    Select “Hose Faucet Timer”
    A1 HT25 Sgetting Started
  5. After tapping “My Device is Powered On”, the app will begin searching for the Hose Tap timer.
    This is what you should see once the device is found
    A2 HT25 Device Found
  6. If the MAC address matches, tap “This Matches My Device”. The timer will look for a Bhyve Hub. If it doesn’t find one, it’ll just advance to the next step. If it does find one, it’ll ask if you’d like to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
    A14 HT25 Connection Type
    Tap “Connect Via Bluetooth
  7. You will now need to add a Location
    6 A Location
  8. Now name the device
    A5 HT25 Device Naming
  9. Now you can set up your program now, or select later to program at a different point in time.
    A6 HT25 Programming Select
  10. Follow the steps for traditional programming here