Smart Watering Explained

Smart Watering takes environmental factors such as

  • vegetation type,
  • soil type,
  • slope,
  • sun exposure,
  • sprinkler head type,
  • the number of sprinkler heads,
  • the amount of water flowing from your sprinkler heads,
  • historical rain data,
  • evaporation tables,
  • and and real-time evaporation rates (where available)

and then uses all this data to create a Smart Watering Schedule custom-made for your yard and vegetation. The more and the more accurate information you input for each Zone the more accurate your Smart Watering Programs will be.

Watering Duration
Typically you’ll find that instead of one watering time, your Smart Watering Program will have multiple start times and running durations. This is to help achieve the best water absorption possible.

When soil becomes saturated any additional water applied to the soil will simply runoff, flowing elsewhere and not helping you achieve the desired results for your lawn or other plants. Because of this you may find that you often water long hours and too often to try to achieve a green lawn or vibrant flowers with varying degrees of success.

Instead of watering for one long period of time, the Smart Watering Program will water multiple times for shorter intervals, proven for the type of soil you have, to maximize water absorption while minimizing watering duration. This helps your yard get the water it needs and save water at the same time.

Predictive Watering
Smart Watering also includes Water Sense which uses weather forecasting and actual rainfall to predict when to water. For example, as long as your B-hyve timer is properly connected to the internet and the forecast for your timer’s location is at a certain percentage toward rain, your timer will automatically receive a Rain Delay and delay any Smart Watering Programs from running during the specified Rain Delay.

*Note: Custom Programs will run when scheduled, they are not affected by Smart Watering Rain Delays.

Watering Restrictions
Some cities/locations use watering restrictions to try to ensure available water is used responsibly and maintain availability throughout the entire watering season. Smart Watering can be configured to adhere to watering restrictions. Days and times of day can be easily set from the mobile App to either water or not water while watering restrictions are in effect.

Benefits of Smart Watering may include

  • cost savings,
  • less runoff to neighboring properties,
  • save water,
  • healthier lawn,
  • and more productive gardens

to name a few. When used together with the mobile App, Smart Watering can help you achieve a healthier overall yard and save water at the same time.