How to troubleshoot a valve

There are a few different possible causes of your stations not turning on.


  1. You water may not be turned on.
    1. If you have a master valve, manually open that and then try running the timer again.
    2. If you have a pump, make sure that is activating and allowing the water to flow through
    3. Manually open a valve to check water flow.
  2. If your water is on, you want to check the voltage at the timer (voltmeter required)
    1. The timer will send out 24 volts ac, so set your meter to AC volts.
    2. Turn station 1 on a manual cycle (see “Manual Watering”)
    3. Insert one prong of the volt meter into common, and the other into station 1. You should get 24-30 volts AC. Note: a wire needs to be attached to the terminal to get an accurate reading.
    4. If you are not getting at least 24 volts, contact technical support.
    5. Repeat for the remaining stations.
  3. If your timer is sending the correct voltage out, you will want to test the voltage at the valve.
    1. Make sure your timer is still running a manual cycle
    2. Locate your valve box in your yard and identify station 1.
    3. Attach the prongs of your volt meter to the two wires coming off of the valve.
    4. You should be getting 24-30 volts AC.
  4. If the voltage is getting to the valves, you may have a defective valve. Check the manual for the manufacturer’s valve to troubleshoot the valve.