You’re here because during the initial timer and zone setup you chose to use Traditional Watering.

Traditional watering allows you to choose the Duration, Start time, and watering days you want to water your yard with.

Only Traditional Programs in Program Slots can run. You may create as many Programs as you want and move them in and out of Program Slots as desired. If you no longer want to run a  Program simply turn it Off, if you don’t need the Program anymore you can Edit then Delete the program.

  1. After your timer has been setup, select Traditional
    A7 HT25 Programming Select 2
  2. The valve will need to run a test to calibrate the built in flow tester. At this point, you want to make sure that your timer is connected to the faucet and the water is turned on.
    A8 HT25 Flow Test A9 HT25 Flow Test 2
  3. You will then be asked to name the program and provide it with a start time. The setup will only allow one start time, but you can add a second after setup is complete.
    A10 HT25 Start Time
  4. You will then be asked to set up the run time, this is how long your valve is going to run. The timer can run anywhere from 15 seconds to 4 hours (260 minutes).
    A11 HT25 Run Time
  5. Now we set up the watering days. This can be a specific number of days, odd or even calendar days, or a set interval of day. If you choose interval, you can set a start date as well.
    A12 HT25 Watering Days A13 HT25 Interval

Thats it! You have configured a Traditional Program and assigned it to a Program Slot to be run at the scheduled time & day.